Jabbril 'Neko' Johnson

Jabbril ‘Neko’ Johnson is our newest addition to Sphynx Ink. Neko was born in Louisiana but then moved to Atlanta where he began his tattoo career. He has always loved art and started to teach himself how to tattoo in 2005. Neko brings 15 years of tattoo experience to Sphynx Ink. He prides himself on being a true artist with the ability to come up with an original design for each of his clients. He is fully versed in all styles of tattooing (lettering, cover-ups, black/grey, color, portraits, etc…). He constantly staying on top of his tattoo education and always learning new styles/techniques to bring to his clients. Neko works very hard on every single piece and strives to make sure every client leaves happy with his work. He looks forward to creating some custom work for Sphynx Ink clients.

Neko is currently accepting appointments at Sphynx Ink.

Please contact him directly via one of the following methods
Text: 214-259-5928
Instagram: neko_4
Email: jabbril_johnson_4@yahoo.com